CDBC Members


  1. To proclaim Gods salvation day after day. Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. For great is the Lord and most worthy of praise (Psalm 96 v 2-4) NIV.
  2. We must strive to fulfill our work in Christ by winning, training and sending men and women to every nation to touch lives for the kingdom of God.
  3. Christ Divine Ministry are committed to restoring the lives of those who are broken and hurting, by actively demonstrating God’s love through helping, caring and touching people of all nations.
  4. Hospital, orphanages and prison ministry.
  5. To contribute towards Spiritual and Social development of the Community.
  6. Personal Evangelism (door to door evangelism ministry).
  7. To establish campus fellowship in colleges and universities.
  8. Visiting the poor, homeless and help them in the best way as possible.
  9. We are committed to reach the children, youths and help them discovered their God given talents at early age through children education ministry.
  10. To build Christ Divine City in UK with the following:
    (a) Christ Divine International School of Prayer
    (b) Education Centre - Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools
    (c) Bible School to train and equip leaders for the work of God
    (d) Build Orphanage Homes
    (e) Technical School for the disables
    (f) Christian Library


  1. Evangelism is our Vocation
  2. Prayer is our Master-Key and weapon
  3. Holiness is our Character
  4. Jesus Christ is our example
  5. The Holy Bible is our Doctrine
  6. Love is our Practice
  7. Heaven is our Goal