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Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is with great joy and honor that I would to invite you and your family /ministry to Christ Divine Global School of prayer scheduled every Monday & Thursday 9am -- 10. 30pm.

Christ Divine Global School of Prayer is an organized, corporate intercessory ministry set apart by God and given an exclusive mandate to train, equip, disciple and support individuals who believe God has called them into intercessory ministry with a real passion to follow Christ and a whole hearted commitment to pass His message to future generations. This body of Christ in partnership with the Holy Spirit are to pray to the Lord of the harvest, that He send forth laborers into His harvest (Matt. 9:37-38), minister God’s love to the broken and hurting, to encourage those who work in their healing through discipleship training and to bear the burden of others through intercessory prayer. (Eph. 1 15-16, Col. 1. 3, 9-11). One of lives highest and most noblest calling, a weapon that mighty men of God used and are still using in adverting God’s judgment, changing the cause of nature, turning men’s heart to God and to righteousness and bringing God’s blessing upon humanity. (Gen. 18: 17-33; Exo.32:10-14; Neh.1:1-11; Dan.9:1-23; John. 17:1-26; Luke.23:34; Rom.1:8-12)

This programme is designed to suite busy people whatever your vocation, background, career, or Denomination, Parents, Students, young and old and those with job commitments who desire an in-depth knowledge of God’s word, increase in their faith and effectiveness. Join us in this great vision to see this dream fulfilled. Get lifted out of the valley of defeat, mediocrity, sickness, and climb the mountain of victory, dominion, perfect health and success from the faith building refreshing DIVINE PRESENCE OF GOD.

I have no doubt that Christ Divine Global School of Prayer will hallmark a new and fresh level of intimacy with God in your life. Partner with us while expecting the greatest miracle of your life.

I look forward to seeing you at this programme.

PrayerLine --- Listening ---- Caring --- Praying CDGSP's Trained Volunteers are available Monday & Thursday - 10.30pm Phone: 01582493587 / 07952227676 / 07832128596 All calls treated in the strictest confidence.

Yours in His vineyard
Rev. Jerry Eze

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